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畢業於師大附中音樂班及東吳大學音樂系,師事董學瑜、陳郁秀、王青雲等諸位老師。大學畢業後赴美深造,取得曼哈頓音樂學院 (Manhattan School of Music)鋼琴伴奏碩士,師事John Forconi教授。在美期間,經常擔任聲樂及器樂大師班之專任伴奏;2002~2005年擔任曼哈頓音樂學院及曼尼斯音樂學院(Mannes College of Music) 專任伴奏。返國候經常參與各類型音樂會演出,並曾擔任陳威棱、黃貞華、李承育、Nathan Williams、Lei Fan、Nicolas Baldeyrou、Wenyel Fuchs、Arnaud Leroy、Florent Heau、Philippe Cuper與Jerry Chae等知名演奏家之鋼琴伴奏。

A native of Taipei, Taiwan, Chen-Lin Fan completed her bachelor of Music degree from Soochow University in 2000 and Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music in 2003, studied with Ching-yun Wang, and John Forconi. As a professional collaborative pianist, Ms. Fan played for numerous concerts and masterclasses for vocal and instrumental performers. She has also worked with many clarinet artists including Wei-Leng Bill Chen, Nathan Williams, Lei Fan, Nicolas Baldeyrou、Wenyel Fuchs、Arnaud Leroy、Florent Heau、Philippe Cuper and Jerry Chae. Ms. Fan was the appointed collaborative pianist for all three clarinet Festivals hosted by the Magic Clarinet Quartet in Taiwan, she was also the primary collaborative pianist at Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College of Music Conservatory from 2002 to 2005. Ms. Fan has been a quest member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan, playing piano and celesta for many years. She was invited by the International Clarinet Association to perform as a quest collaborative pianist with William Chen in a recital at Austin, TX. in 2010.

As a professional piano performer in Taiwan, Chen-Lin Fan is not only playing with various concert artists, and many promising students, she is also very active in chamber music performing and publishing recording.


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