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1994年赴法留學,先後考取就讀於國立巴黎音樂院 (C.N.R. de Paris)、國立布羅尼音樂院 (C.N.R. de Boulogne-Billancourt)、國立馬爾梅松音樂院 (C.N.R. de Rueil-Malmaison),獲得鋼琴、室內樂、伴奏三個最高演奏文憑 (Premier Prix à l'unanimité)。另申請通過進入巴黎市 Lamartine 國中、高中藝術資優班,在校表現優異,連續六年獲市政府邀請於巴黎羅西尼音樂廳 (Salle de concert Rossini) 舉辦室內樂音樂會,並以高分通過法國高中畢業會考 (Baccalauréat),甄選上法國著名大學Sorbonne。在校其間,由學校推薦為法國當代作曲家Claude Ballif發表其新曲《為鋼琴的前奏曲》(Préludes pour Piano)。另也獲 Rueil-Malmaison 市政府之邀,多次於 Rueil-Malmaison 市政府廳舉辦音樂會。

曾獲法國東北部國立音樂院聯合畢業考演奏班第一獎及全體裁判一致通過祝福 (Premier Prix à l'unanimité avec félicitations du jury)、並獲 Concours Général de Musique et d'Art Dramatique、Grand Prix Claude Kahn Concours National de Piano、Concours International de piano de Noyers、Concours National de Piano d'Ile-de-France...等國際比賽大獎,並推薦至 Institut pour la Promotion des Arts,於巴黎雷諾瓦音樂廳 (Salle de concert Jean Renoir) 演出,深獲佳評。伴奏方面,曾為多間音樂院畢業考、法國國家長笛、豎笛教師資格考試 (C.A.)、獅子會國際大提琴比賽、比利時 Braine-l'Alleud 國際音樂營專屬伴奏...等。旅法期間,受邀於巴黎國際藝術中心 (Cité des Arts) 及比利時布魯塞爾 Braine-l'Alleud文化中心舉辦獨奏會。


Jessica Hsu began learning piano at the age of four and received a comprehensive musical education in Taiwan, first in the music classes of Dun-hua Elementary School, then at the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University. She was selected as one of the national music reserved talent by the Taiwan culture construction foundation committee in 2002.

She entered the Conservatoire National de Paris (C.N.R. de Paris) at the age of 13 as the youngest applicant, and received Premiers Prix in piano, chamber music and piano accompaniment. During this time, she competed in numerous competitions and received a number of Prix: Concours Général de Musique de Paris, Grand Prix Kahn Concours National de Piano, Concours International de Piano de Noyers, Concours International de Piano d'Ile-de-France.

During her studies abroad, she was recommended by the Conservatoire as the pianist to present the Préludes pour Piano, a work of new compositions by the French contemporary composer Claude Ballif (1924-2004). She was also invited by the city of Rueil-Malmaison to hold a concert at the Rueil-Malmaison Concert Hall. She then applied with outstanding results and entered the Lycée Lamartine’s artistically gifted class. She continued to excel during this time, having received invitations from the Hôtel de Ville to perform at the Salle Rossini on numerous occasions. After obtaining her Baccalauréat with flying colors, she entered the famous Sorbonne University in Paris. She has been invited by the Institut Français to perform at Salle Jean-Renoir in Paris, and has performed not only in France, but also Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Shanghai and Xiamen, as well as having been invited to hold concerts at the Salle Cortot, Cité internationale des arts and the Belgium cultural center to critical acclaims. In addition to being a soloist, she has been active as a professional accompanist on the stage, having been the accompanist for the French national flute and recorder licentiate exams, the French international cello competition, the Orléans music festival, and the Belgium music festival.

After returning to Taiwan, she continued to be involved in performing and teaching. She also continued with further postgraduate studies, and obtained her doctorate at the Department of Music in the Taiwan University of Arts. During this time, she performed a number of solo concerts, including ‘Piano on the Rive Gauche’, ‘Burn. Music’, ‘Clear sounds of the summer eve’, ‘Feeling, adoraton of the piano’ as well as chamber music concerts ‘ Roaming on a skiff’, ‘Summer piano madness’ and ‘Indoors moonlit night’. She has been invited to perform at the Taipei International Conference Center in the 2009 cross-strait cultural exchange benefit dinner. She was selected as the collaborating pianist for the National Theater and Concert Hall’s opera workshop in 2010. As an academic, she has written two theses, entitled ‘Investigating the piano compositions during the Romantic Period’, and ‘Schumann’s Pianistic Style as revealed in Novelletten, Opus 21.’ She is currently an associate professor at the department of music at Soochow University, and also teaches in the music classes of Tamkang High School, Chingshin Elementary & Middle School, as well as Taipei Municipal Guting Elementary School.



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