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Ermir Abeshi


獲得2012 International Violin Competition Regina Elisabeta 伊麗莎白國際小提琴大賽決賽入圍者, International Violin Competition Lipizer第二名以及International Violin Competition Valsesia首獎等殊榮的阿爾巴尼亞裔美國籍小提琴家,以小提琴獨奏家身分先後與National Belgian Orchestra, Romanian Symphony Orchestra of Bacau等交響樂團於歐洲演出。年僅16歲那年更贏得與知名指揮家Mark Foster帶領的Ghedini Symphony Orestra合作演出協奏曲,在美國新英格蘭音樂院求學期間也贏得校內的協奏曲比賽冠軍,與New England Conservatory Chamber Orestra合演Mozart 協奏曲於Jordan Hall。

2006年旅居波士頓期間取得新英格蘭音樂院演奏碩士與演奏家文憑,留美期間師事於波士頓交響樂團首席 Malcolm Lowe,這期間積極參加音樂營,接受Ilya Grubert, Pinchas Zukerman與Grigory Zhislin等大師指導。除了獨奏之外,Ermir也參與室內樂大師們的指導,如:Nicolas Kitchen與Paul Biss等……近年Ermir於經常受邀至歐洲各地巡迴演出。目前任職於丹麥Odense symphony orchestra concertmaster。

A Laureate Finalist of the Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition in Brussels, Second Prize winner at the "Lipizer" International Violin Competition in Gorizia (Italy), and Second Prize winner at the "Valsesia" International Violin Competition, Ermir Abeshi has performed as a soloist with the National Belgian Orchestra at the prestigious Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels conducted by Gilbert Varga, L'Orchestre Royal de Chambre du Wallonie, and the Romanian Symphony Orchestras of Bacau and Ploietsi under Ovidiu Balan. He made his debut at the age of sixteen with the Ghedini Symphony Orchestra under Mark Foster and also debuted in the prestigious Jordan Hall in Boston as a soloist with the New England Conservatory Chamber Orchestra.

Born in Elbasan in 1987 he begins his studies at age six in his town. At ten he moves to Italy where he studies at the conservatory graduating with honors in 2005 under Bruno Pignata and attends the Walter Stauffer Academy in Cremona studying with renowned Italian violinist Salvatore Accardo.

In 2006 he moves to Boston and pursues his Master's and Graduate Diploma degree at the New England Conservatory studying with Boston Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster, Malcolm Lowe. During this time he also attends summer programs and masterclasses with Ilya Grubert, Pinchas Zuckerman and Grigory Zhislin, he studies chamber music with Nicholas Kitchen of the Borromeo String Quartet and Paul Biss, and composition with Michael Gandolfi e John Mallia.

He is currently studying violin with Dora Schwarzberg and chamber music with Italian pianist, Enrico Pace. A very active chamber musician, he performs in several formations, which range from duo to quintet.

In November 2014, after a terrible accident, Ermir seriously injured his right hand, breaking multiple tendons and damaging his nerves, which resulted in loss of sensitivity and seriously restricted mobility. This seemed like an unsorpassable hurdle, but with sheer passion and determination, after multiple surgeries and painful rehabilitation, Ermir was back on the violin in record time, just two months later he held his first recital in his hometown after the mishappening.


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